Boxing: Three professional fights in Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes, who will be the big winner?

Professional boxing comes to Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes with three exceptional fights in perspective. Who will be able to assert themselves in the ring and win the coveted victory? A breathtaking suspense that promises intense and thrilling clashes.

Kevin Thomas Cojean in search of redemption

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Saturday evening, boxing fans will have the opportunity to attend three high-level professional fights in Saint-Méloir-des-Ondes. One of the most anticipated fighters of the evening is Kevin Thomas Cojean. After his impressive victory last November, he hopes to erase past disappointments and climb the national hierarchy. At 35, he is far from being on the downward slope despite the rumors. His coach and friend, Morgan Le Gal, is convinced of his abilities and expects a difficult fight against Croatian Zdenko Bule, a formidable opponent with an impressive track record.

To regain his place at the top, Kevin Thomas Cojean will have to regain his precision and punch at the right time. He knows that the public is waiting for him to deliver a high-level performance and he intends to respond.

Anthony Auffray in search of his ranking

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Anthony Auffray is another boxer who will look to shine this evening. Currently in thirteenth place in the rankings, he hopes to quickly enter the top 5 and stand out among the best. His coach often criticizes him for not putting into practice the techniques learned during training. Auffray’s primary objective is therefore to respect the instructions and show his potential in the ring. His opponent, Mohammed Charef, will not make his task easy.

Despite his undeniable technical qualities, Auffray must improve in terms of listening and concentration during fights. His coach, Morgan Le Gal, hopes that he will be able to use his strengths to obtain victory.

The duel between Sébastien Philippot and Michael Mathieu

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Finally, another professional fight will pit Sébastien Philippot against Michael Mathieu. Philippot will have to demonstrate power and aggression to hope to win against his opponent. The two boxers will fight in the -86 kg category.

The evening will also be marked by seven amateur fights, showcasing the talents of the Saint-Méloir club. This will be an opportunity for young talents to get noticed and experience strong moments in the ring.

A high-level program not to be missed

This Saturday evening, boxing fans will be able to attend a high-level program with three professional fights and seven amateur fights. The event will start at 6:30 p.m. and promises to offer action and spectacle to the spectators present.

This will be an opportunity to see the best boxers in the region compete in the ring and to predict who will be the big winner of the evening. The stakes are high for Kevin Thomas Cojean, Anthony Auffray, Sébastien Philippot and all the other fighters involved in this great evening of boxing.

Let the show begin!

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