Amazing ! How did Naoya Inoue manage to knock out the Mexican Luis Nery despite his first fall to the mat?

On the edge of the precipice, Naoya Inoue was able to turn the tide and surprise the Mexican Luis Nery with a knockout. dazzling! Let’s find out together how the Japanese boxer turned things around after his unexpected fall in the ring.

An epic fight at Tokyo Dome

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Naoya Inoue, the super bantamweight world champion, impressed spectators during his fight against Mexican Luis Nery at the Tokyo Dome. Despite a first fall to the mat, Inoue managed to get up and knock out his opponent. in the sixth round, in front of more than 55,000 fans.

A surprising first fall

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Naoya Inoue had a difficult time in the first round, where a left hook from Nery caused him to fall. However, Inoue remained conscious and quickly recovered to regain control of the fight in the second round. His superior technique and speed allowed him to hit Nery on several occasions.

An impressive turnaround

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Despite this fall, Inoue showed unfailing determination. In the fifth round, another left hook rocked Nery, but the latter managed to hold on until the bell. In the sixth round, Inoue sent Nery to the ground with a long right, ending the fight in spectacular fashion.

An undisputed title

With this victory, Naoya Inoue confirms his status as undisputed super bantamweight world champion. He is one of only two boxers to hold all four world belts (WBA, WBC, WBO, IBF), alongside Mexican Saul Alvarez in the super-middleweight category.

The success of the Inoue siblings

Naoya Inoue’s brother Takuma also scored a victory on the same night. Despite a fall in the first round, Takuma retained his WBA bantamweight title by beating his compatriot Sho Ishida on points.

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